Welcome to 2016!



It’s 2016! Whoo! It’s been just about long enough for everybody to abandon their New Year resolutions. Mine was to make fewer resolutions, so that worked out okay.

A few months ago, I laid out a plan for November 2015 and onwards. It involved some things we did for National Novel Writing Month and plans for the future, including an intention to publish a monthly newsletter with original fiction and cover art.

The plans for November included four Skype write-ins and a contest whose prize was worth around a thousand bucks. We did carry out those plans and the prize was awarded. However, the response was not overwhelming, and the upshot is that I learned we’re not ready for some things until we have more interest from the writing community.

For that reason, I’m going to put the newsletter on extreme back burner, until at least next year. Hopefully we can make it a worthwhile project, more of a small fiction and writing tips magazine, by then! I’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, regular blog posts will resume, and I am taking whatever steps I can to engage more with writers, editors and publishers and build up a base of interest. Please click ‘contact us’ above if you’re interested in our services!

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