Update – News & Upcoming Plans

Hey there, everybody.

First, I just want to say thanks for coming to the site! It’s much appreciated. Follow us at twitter.com/taledancer or subscribe to this website, chase us down on our Tumblr (Taledancer), facebook.com/taledancer or at Taledancer on G+.

Now, some news and updates and some future plans.

#1. Name Changes – We’ve gotten married! That means that Kathleen Dale will now be changing her name, officially, to Kathleen Kirvin. This means my outdated-anyway editing website kathleendale.com is going away. I’m going to build a new site, strictly for my writing, and for a while kathleendale.com will redirect to it.

#2. Mile Hi Con – Denver’s MileHi Convention is our favorite, with lots of writing content and authors. We’ll be taking a hotel room again this year, so we’ll be there all the time – see if you can catch us and say howdy! You’ll find our cards on various tables, too, so feel free to grab one. This year looks amazing, with Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Kevin Hearne and the incomparable Ursula Vernon! Here’s the website: www.milehicon.org

#3. Nanowrimo – It’s almost that time again! Check out nanowrimo.org for news about National Novel Writing Month in November. Taledancer is local to Colorado’s north Denver/Broomfield/Longmont area, so we’ll be attending a lot of write-ins in that area. In addition, I’ll have weekly Skype write-ins available, with silent writing time, word sprints, prizes and brief workshopping for those interested. Everyone who joins us for these hangouts will be eligible to win a prize of free complete-first-draft content editing, an $800 value, winner to be announced at the end of November.

#4. Monthly newsletter – Starting February 2016, a monthly newsletter from Taledancer will be available. You can sign up to receive this free newsletter by clicking the Contact Us tab at the top of this page and letting us know you’re interested. (We absolutely don’t send you anything else you didn’t request, or hand out your email for any reason, or use it in any other way.) The newsletter will include writing exercises, resources, updates, cover art examples and a new piece of flash fiction every month. We’ll be open to submissions in the upcoming weeks for that, and I’ll have a submission page up on the site very soon – authors will be paid for their work!

#5. In the Not Too Distant Future – If people seem to enjoy the workshops and/or writing time Skype hangouts during Nano, we might keep doing that every week. There could be a podcast in our future, too. Who knows? Check in with us next Sunday AD and find out.

Thanks for your time and thanks for the love, everyone!

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