The muse comes to those already writing

For months, I’ve been waiting.

Soon, I thought. Soon, I’ll feel like writing, and then I can return to fiction and feel good about it. I’d wandered away, as I often do, because I couldn’t handle the stress. I wasn’t writing, and I felt guilty about not writing. So I decided to quit feeling guilty about it and come back when the writing bug hit me.

And it didn’t. But not, I think, because I didn’t want to write. I still want to write, just not enough to overcome my resistance to the blank page. And then it hit me.

I’ve been waiting to feel like writing. But now I think you get that feeling by writing.

Steven Pressfield talks a lot about this in his short but essential book The War of Art. Stephen King talks about it in On Writing. I’m sure other people not named Steve have talked about it too. It’s not a new concept. It just suddenly hit me with a clue by four.

Want to feel like writing? Try writing for a while.

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