An objective, enthusiastic eye can be invaluable in clarifying and strengthening your story. Having an editor can help make your fiction more cohesive, more powerful and more streamlined.

We offer many types of editing, suited to your needs. Story consulting, plot structure advice and substantive editing are available in addition to word choice, grammar and spelling checks. In every case, we’re happy to offer as many revision passes as editor and author agree are needed, no extra charge.

We charge up-front package fees based on the starting word count – no additional charges, no confusing by-the-hour rates, and no paying more if your final word count turns out to be higher. We also offer the best subscription editing service in the business, for authors who can use support during every phase of the writing process.

We feel strongly that a long-term relationship between author and editor results in someone who is passionate about your stories, understands how to communicate with you, and is always able to help your stories do what you want them to do. Our goal is your goal: to consistently keep your fiction its best.


Editing Philosophy

When offering suggestions and advice on your writing, we have a policy of complete truth. Though we use as much tact as possible, honesty comes first. We give objective, professional opinions on what works, as well as what doesn’t, and why. We express all this to you as completely as possible.

All revision choices are in the hands of the author. We offer suggestions and opinions – we never make changes or insist on them once the author has made a decision. Talking about everything together is a valuable learning process for both sides!


Content Editing

Also known as substantive editing, this is an objective, professional review of your finished draft. Far from being simple error correction, it’s an in-depth analysis of the plot structure, world building and characterization. It’s also a close, detailed look at narrative voice, logistics, dialogue, consistency and description.

Usually, this process involves two passes, with author revision time in between. If more are needed, that’s no extra charge.


Line Editing

After any major changes have been made to the story structure, scene order and text, it’s time for line editing. This is a careful, detail-oriented read-through with an eye to word choice, consistent author and character voice, dialogue tags, repeated words, extraneous adverbs and the like, and awkward sentence or paragraph structure.

Usually a single pass is all that’s needed for line editing. As always, any suggestions we make are up to the author to decide on!



A detailed, exhaustive check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, dash and quotation consistency, numbers, abbreviations and the like. This is also a single pass, most of the time, and it’s done last, after any other changes have been made.


Subscription Editing

The best choice for the budget conscious, prolific writer, our subscription services can end up costing you less than half of our package prices (assuming you write at least one book a year). It’s the best way to have full access to all the services we offer for a single monthly subscription cost.

To our subscription customers, we offer story consultation, plot structure advice, and alpha reading during the writing process as well as editing after the polished draft is completed. We also offer opinions on all your fiction – flash fiction, short stories and novellas as well as long form works.

And our subscription services include all the design services and book cover work we offer. We’ll also help with any other text you need, such as the marketing teasers for your Amazon page or the query letter if you submit to an agent.

To put it simply, our subscription services give you a personal editor and designer, someone in your corner who is ready to offer professional, objective, enthusiastic opinions whenever you like!

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