Book Design

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We’ve been formatting ebooks since Peanut Reader on the Palm Pilot in 1998, and have watched the ebook industry grow and develop. We know the ins and outs of the EPUB and Kindle formats, and how to craft clean, attractive ebooks that look as good as anything else you’ll see for sale.

If you’ve read an ebook from any source, you know that ebook formatting is hard to do right. Even books from the Big Five frequently have typos and formatting mistakes, or are hard-coded to a font you don’t like. One of the great things about ebooks is the flexibility they grant the reader in seeing the text the way they want to see it, and the key to that is a clean, well-formatted source file.

We’ll make sure your chapter titles look the way you want, that chapters break cleanly and any indented or other specialized text looks the way it should. The final file we convert to EPUB and Kindle formats will be as clean and organized as we can make it, with a full table of contents and everything the reader needs for an experience so pleasant that they forget they’re reading a book.


Cover Design

Despite the old adage, people do judge your book by its cover. The cover is the first thing people see and often, they only see a thumbnail. You need a clear, eye-catching image that conveys the story’s tone. And you want to be able to work with your designer, having creative input into your book’s cover.

We’ve been designing book covers for years. As you can see from the samples, our covers attract the eye via typography and a vivid image that is recognizable even at thumbnail size. If you’re writing a series, we can also develop a set of covers that share a central look or theme so readers can tell at a glance that they’re part of the same story.


Here’s a video about our graphics design process!

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