Here We Go! Write! Workshop! Win!

National Novel Writing Month is upon us, everyone.

For those who are participating – or just want to have some writing/workshop time with a professional editor – I’m going to be hosting a Skype chat every Wednesday morning. You could win a valuable prize! Here’s how it’s going to go.

On Wednesdays in November, at 11 a.m. Mountain time, I’ll start up a Skype hosting chat. At any time you like starting now, you can send a contact request to Taledancer on Skype. Mention in the contact request that you’re interested in writing or the write-in, and I’ll add you to my contact list, probably shortly before the write-in. Fail to mention this, and you might not get added. I get a lot of spam contact requests, because Skype.

Once we have at least two people in the chat, I can set up a link so that more people can auto-join, which I will post about, both here at the website and on Twitter. Following us @taledancer on Twitter will be the best way to get up to the minute information and links about this.

The write-ins will start at 11, feature some silent writing time, some word sprints, possibly some readings if people are interested, and may contain a short workshop about whatever part of the novel is most relevant for the most people. We will discuss and choose!

Just by hanging out with us at the Skype write-in and letting me know your email in the chat, you’ll be added to the list of people entered to win a full novel package. At the end of November, I’ll assign all the emails a number and run a random number-selection program to select one.

The winner will receive a full novel work-up. That means that any time before the next National Novel Writing Month, they can submit a finished novel length manuscript – that needn’t be a NaNo one – and receive full content editing, line editing, book design and cover design totally free. That’s our $999 package – well worth entering for!

So come along, join us, work on your novel, have fun, meet other writers, make friends and get help with ideas, characters, writer’s block and other authorial maladies. Whether you make it to 50k words or not, it’ll be worth the attempt!

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