Grouchy Cat Reads: HOUNDED by @kevinhearne

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This is Ulkesh. She’s a 16 year old half Maine Coon, so she’s opinionated and grouchy, especially when a person interrupts her nap to interview her.

Me: I ran into Kevin Hearne at Anomaly Con, our local steampunk convention here in Denver. He’s a nice guy, and I had never seen his work before. They had it in the bookstore, where I was seduced by this cover. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Grouchy Cat: It’s not too heavy, in any case. That’s a plus.

Me: I agree! It was a solid, well written story that didn’t suffer from too much angst and unnecessary drama. At my age, I found that refreshing.

GC: At my age, I find naps refreshing. Can we get back to naps?

Me: My favorite thing was how it was a very masculine story, but wasn’t toxically masculine. The hero was battle ready, but not violence prone. He was lustful without being rapey, respectful of women without pulling his punches when they were needed. And the lady characters are just as much fun to read! What was your favorite thing?

GC: You got the paperback, so the corners are tasty, but not too chewy.

Me: …Okay, what was your least favorite thing?

GC: Dogs. So many dogs.

Me: Well, the hero does have a dog, it’s true. He’s one of the best characters in the book, and helps to bring a lot of the humor that enlivens this tale.

GC: Ugh.

Me: I liked the world building too. The juxtaposition of various ancient pantheons in our modern day world, gods and goddesses with their own agenda, our hero caught in between. If it were a video game, the main character might seem to start off overpowered, but then you find out that many of his opponents are gods!

GC: Are we done?

Me: I’ve read the second book in the series too, and I’ll definitely buy the rest. I highly recommend these, for a great action series with plenty of variety, humor, history and fun. It’s well plotted, the characters are well drawn, and the laughs are sometimes blissfully unexpected. Warning: there are some really, really awful puns.

GC: And way too many dogs. We’re done? Good. Now naps.


4 thoughts on “Grouchy Cat Reads: HOUNDED by @kevinhearne

  1. Saw this review on Twitter when Kevin Hearne shared it and, when I saw that it had a kitty in it, I had to check it out. XD

    I went into Hounded thinking that it would be something akin to the Harry Dresden knock-off, and I was VERY PLEASANTLY surprised to see that it had all it’s own humor and flair. Indeed, there is a distinct lack of cats in the series, but Oberon is adorbs, so I’ll let it slide, lol.

    I’ve already finished reading Staked and plan to post a review of it on my own book blog before too long. I hope that you enjoy the rest of the series as much as you did the first two installments!

    (BTW, followed you on twitter! ^-^)

    ~ Brittany

  2. I agree with Ulkesh, It does sound like an awful lot of hounds in this one. But it sounds good. This is the first book in the series, yes?

    (BTW, I like the new layout. :3 )

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