Five Sites That Might Have Already Done Your Research

Writers, it’s a good idea to do research. For many subjects, Wikipedia is enough. But sometimes it’s great to find sites where someone else has done the research from a writer’s perspective – they’ve already done the digging, and they can show you how to do it. Here are five of those sites.

If you have other suggestions, leave them in the comments! – ThrillWriting has a huge selection of various helpful articles on topics that range from bullet types explained to writing about autistic characters. – Ever been challenged because you wrote about witches and paganism and people complained it was too stereotyped? Here’s the answer. – Many, many, many pictures and informational tidbits on things that are sharp. Many. – World’s biggest time-sink. Two hours in there and you’ll start thinking you should never write about anything again because It’s Been Done. But ultimately, you realize that everybody else who wrote something successful went through that process too – and you’ll learn that it’s better to know how to do it wrong, so you can do it right. – And finally, if the whole idea of research gives you the wiggins, here’s how to keep it from interfering too much with your work.

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