Driving With Editors

Don’t hire a content editor to fix errors in your fiction. That assumes two things: One, that perfection is out there, and two, that your editor is the boss of it. Neither of those things is true.

Instead, hire a content editor to offer inspired, informed suggestions as to how to make your fiction better. A good content editor sees what you want from your novel, and sees ways to make it stronger. They give feedback on what strengthens your story and what weakens it, and why, and then leave the decisions in your hands.

Rather than standing above you as an authority, fixing your errors and draining the uniqueness from your fiction, a good content editor acts as a guide.

Like a well-programmed GPS, the content editor shows you the route and lets you know where the lanes on the road are that will get you most smoothly to your destination. If you decide to go a different route, a good editor will adapt to the new choices and continue to assist your travel. If your vehicle is strong enough to go entirely offroad, then that’s fine.

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