I’ve written a little about some of the authors I’ve had the honor of working with. Click on their names to go to their pages and check out their books! Any of my authors can have their work showcased here – just let me know.


Mike Reeves-McMillan

 Mike is an excellent writer, telling stories with enthralling characters, intricate and unusual world building, and important messages. His universes – the Realmgold stories, the Auckland Allies stories, the Trickster tales, among others – are always touched with magic, yet hit close to home. Far-reaching plots meet true-hearted characters in worlds full of intrigue and interest.





Danny Knestaut

Danny’s steampunk works are darkly intense, with powerful, intimate characterization. His ability to show readers the inner worlds of people utterly unlike them makes his work a can’t-miss experience. Fascinating imagery and spectacular descriptions will draw readers into Danny’s world and never fully let them go.





Kathleen Kirvin

Couldn’t let this page go without my own works! I write character-driven fiction, whether fantasy, horror or young adult. Most recent is my fantasy steampunk novel about lady pirates and their changing world, Heart of Gold.