What We Don’t Do

I thought it might be useful to specify something else right here up front. We’re here to help you publish your book, not publicize your book. We’re not publicists, we’re an editor and a designer. We get books as good as they can be for publication. Once your book goes live on Amazon and elsewhere, we wish you the best and hope to work with you again on your next project.

“But wait,” some of you might be thinking. “Your tag line says ‘Just write. We’ll do the rest.’ Surely ‘the rest’ includes making my book a bestseller, right? Why don’t you do that?”

Because no one can guarantee that, and anyone who does is someone you should run away from as fast as your legs can carry you.

No one knows what makes a best-selling book. A lot of traditionally-published books don’t make back their advances, and those were signed off by professional acquistions editors with signs on their office doors and everything. Mathematically, there are too many factors involved with selling books to ever predict success with any accuracy.

There are practices and techniques we can recommend, and we’ll likely be going over those on this blog and our monthly hangouts. But those are not part of the service we ask you to pay for.

We get you to the door. What you do after you walk through it is up to you.

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