Welcome to Taledancer!

We are thrilled to officially launch Taledancer.com, our new one-stop place to offer everything you need to go from manuscript to published book.

Kathleen and I came up with this idea back in October, adding her successful editing business to my design and formatting skills. We looked around trying to find someone who did everything an author needed to get a book pubished other than the actual writing, and couldn’t find anyone that did what we had in mind, so here we are.

I’ve heard for years that writers just want to write. When I was learning the self-publishing ropes, this was the complaint I heard most often to guys like Chuck Wendig or Joe Konrath. “I don’t want to take the time to learn the intricacies of ebook formatting, or how to design an eye-catching cover. I’m sure my book is ready to publish because my critique group loved it.”

The thing is, that’s not enough. Publishing something on your own requires a different skill set from writing. And if you try to wing it and don’t do it well, people are going to notice. But we also don’t think authors should be required to have these skills just to succeed.

For years, that was the big benefit of working with traditional publishing. All you had to do was write and revise as your editor suggested. You publisher took care of everything else. I heard that phrase a lot from midlists authors. “My publisher takes care of me.” It sounded nice, and was something going it alone couldn’t provide.

Until now.

We’re here to provide most of the services you’d get from working with a traditional publisher without giving up the money or creative control a traditional publisher would demand. We’ll design not only a snappy, eye-catching cover, but make sure the interior of the book, the actual text, looks good and flows correctly as well. We will professionally edit your book, providing you with the developmental assistance you need to close all your plot holes and make your prose sing. And we’ll help you write marketing copy for Amazon and other stores that gets people to at least click the free sample button. We take care of everything so you can stick to writing.

Look around and let us know what you think. We’re still in “shakedown mode” so to speak, so if you think we’ve missed something, speak up. We’ll be having monthly Google Hangouts to help workshop things and we’ve got some more goodies in store.

Oh, and there’s one more thing.

For our first three months, until June 8th, 2014, everything is half off. Get in while the getting’s good!

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