Taledancer offers substantive, content and developmental editing for author-publishers who want to take their manuscript from draft to fully ready to publish.

Imagine having a long-term relationship with an editor who knows and loves your work as much as you do, who can offer constructive criticism with honesty, experience and tact. Someone who can help with plot structure, world building, characterization, style, voice, dialogue and word choice. Our subscription model allows you to work with an editor who is always available, from the first word you put on paper through the process of editing, revision, detail polishing, book design and marketing text.

For $75 USD per month, we are in your corner, with every service we provide available to you at need.

First steps: contact us! We’ll go through a free test edit process to ensure that editor and author are a good fit, and a questionnaire to see where you are in your writing career. If we both agree that we want to go ahead, a letter of agreement is signed between us and we’re ready to go!

If you prefer to order author services individually, we offer a la carte pricing for substantive editing, line editing, book design and cover design. All prices are up front, with no additional costs for number of revision passes, word or page count changes.

We don’t buy, sell or control any of your rights or future income. We don’t make any guarantees of financial success, or try to sell you anything we don’t control. We don’t publish, distribute or market your work. Our focus is on getting your manuscript from first draft to professional readiness – what happens after that is up to you!